Alessandro Zulberti, Senior UX designer.

To complicate is easy. To simplify is difficult.

Path to UX


As a graphic designer, in the first part of my career I have designed for a diverse group of brands, from luxury to financial. As natural development, I have focused my interest in qualitative research, benchmarking and competitive audits. The move into UX design roles gave me the opportunity to hone my skills in human-centred digital solutions.


While my design practice combines UX lean principles, I am continually seeking knowledge from industry events, lectures, conferences, books, blogs, etc.

Solving problems


Senior UX designer with extensive experience in managing digital design projects. Instrumental at UX design development, digital project management, and executing digital strategies for successful completion of the project.


Experienced in managing user centred projects for ecommerce, point-of-sale systems, cross selling strategies and omnichannel customer experience.For further details, please visit my LinkedIn profile.

Current role


As Senior UX designer, I am currently working at Victorinox, which produces and sells unique, high-quality products worldwide: Swiss Army Knives, Cutlery, Watches, Travel Gear and Fragrances.


Working alongside other teams, I lead the continuous improvement on the current website through observing the quantitative and qualitative research; testing wireframe and prototype, evaluating implementations and iterating the process with the focus on outcomes rather than outputs

Empathy, user centred design


Empathy begins with user research. I immerse myself in qualitative methods to dig into user behaviors, motivations, and concerns.

Design System Library, pixel perfect


Using memory recognition to improves usability and give users extra help in remembering information.

Critical thinking, emotional design


These are my favourite print case studies. After building up deep knowledge in print processes, I moved from the aesthetic appeal to a much more focus on usability and design thinking.

Design for user

To sum up


During my career, I have built the experience to cover every stage of the design process, from conception and validation through to maintenance.

During the years, I have developed my project manager and my design system processes.


In this portfolio you can find how I am using Research Methods to the importance of prototype and implementation.

Usability is applied here for example, and the description of usability testing is here.


I have a passion for photography, with several honourable mentions in international competition, see more here.