Light Design Company

Founded in 1994, Viabizzuno is a renowned designer and producer of innovative interior and exterior lighting solutions. Viabizzuno caters to famous luxury brands, illuminating their retail chain and collaborates with prominent international architects.


‘to design is form of the verb to love’.
We make the culture of light and we create wellbeing through the light.


Viabizzuno works, designs, produces, researches and innovates, trains its staff. for years it has been creating its own design philosophy to assert itself day by day not only like an industrial reality; it aims also to create an ethic design process.. the strength of Viabizzuno rely on working toward a customised design, finding solutions that didn’t exist before, integrating light with architecture and so creating a recognizable image all over the world thanks to its formal and thinking integrity at the same time.


Viabizzuno becomes a philosophy of life, a thought to follow by architects and designers in the world, an image in which to identify oneself, a style

The logo
A white space intersected by two lines one vertical, well balanced, logical, clean, the other dynamic, irreverent, ironic. Separate and yet complementary, just like the two different philosophies behind Viabizzuno two collections. In the intersection between the two lines, UpO.


Collaboration with AG fronzoni
For the first two years, I had the possibility to collaborate with AG Fronzoni defining the brand identity of the company.


‘above all, the sense of a design regards the construction of oneself’. For AG Fronzoni, design is the start and end of his search, it is not just the realization of a product, but a process of transformation of the human environment and its instruments that can condition an individual’s entire life

Viabizzuno is a company that for more than twenty three years has been making design its own reason for living; to design is a way of being, thinking and acting dedicated at 360 degrees to every action and thought in life.

Editorial project

libro For m

Role: Print Designer & Project Manager

The book is a collection of thoughts, studies, workshops and designs of light.


My Role
I led the design of the book since the beginning, from sketching the layout of the pages to the final print process.


Client’s brief & Ideation
I led a team of copywriter, photographer and print supplier prioritising tasks and deadline. I have also realised the final artwork ready for print.

The book
The book has 744 pages in four languages, printed not only in four-colours, but also with Thermochromic ink and serigraphic print for the cover.


I have reviewed over a thousand photos to select the most appropriate for each chapter. Chapters were divided by Designer, technical information and philosophic writing on the use of the light in art, cinema and architecture.


Design Execution
I executed artworks, approved proof pdf, defined spec for the suppliers.

Below the line

Everything that I have designed and printed

As responsible for all the graphic material of “For m” I have designed and develop several print projects as product catalogues, postcards, press kits, invites, etc.